Lizzie & JamieA wedding receptions in tipi’s on wigrams campsiteWigrams Campsite

A wedding reception in tipis on a campsite – I knew this wedding was going to be fun! Lizzie & Jamie were married at St Margarets Church, Whitnash, by Jamie’s Grandma. Departing in style in Daisy (Lizzie’s Dad’s vintage car) to the sound of tin cans clattering along the lane we headed to Wigrams Campsite.

Standing tall – three tipi tents – beautifully decorated by Lizzie’s homemade bunting & rustic details amongst them Jamie’s beautifully designed glasswear. Unfortunately, the weather was a little grey on arrival, but guests were more than happy to huddle under the canvas.

During the wedding breakfast it brightened outside which meant we could head out for photographs and the guests could play garden games. Little did I know then that I would end up stood on top of a Range Rover for a shot! It was well worth it to get a fantastic group photograph.

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