Dubrovnik, Croatia

Because we hadn’t been on a ‘holiday’ for a while (city breaks don’t count!) we thought we event one after a busy year of shooting weddings and adjusting to having a little human in our household. Our location of choice was Dubrovnik. And not because we are Game of Thrones fans! Although we unintentionally end up on quite a few GOT walking tours.

Such a beautiful place. Somewhere we will definitely be going back to.     dubrovnik travel photography_0007dubrovnik travel photography_0006 dubrovnik travel photography_0011dubrovnik travel photography_0009dubrovnik travel photography_0010 dubrovnik travel photography_0012 dubrovnik travel photography_0013dubrovnik travel photography_0003 dubrovnik travel photography_0004 dubrovnik travel photography_0016dubrovnik travel photography_0002dubrovnik travel photography_0019dubrovnik travel photography_0023dubrovnik travel photography_0017dubrovnik travel photography_0020 dubrovnik travel photography_0024dubrovnik travel photography_0021 dubrovnik travel photography_0026 dubrovnik travel photography_0027 dubrovnik travel photography_0028 dubrovnik travel photography_0032 dubrovnik travel photography_0029dubrovnik travel photography_0033 dubrovnik travel photography_0038 dubrovnik travel photography_0039 dubrovnik travel photography_0040 dubrovnik travel photography_0042 dubrovnik travel photography_0044dubrovnik travel photography_0041dubrovnik travel photography_0035dubrovnik travel photography_0034dubrovnik travel photography_0001Location: Dubrovnik, Croatia ||  Hotel:  Hotel Dubrovnik Palace