Rebecca & AndrewDIY yorkshire wedding in a village hallWakefield

Becky and Andy’s wedding was the epitome of Yorkshire – a gathering at the local pub, barn dancing, pork pies, a village hall and even a hurdy gurdy! There was so much character on display and the place was oozing with their wonderful personalities. I loved every minute of it!

They married in Becky’s family Church in Dewsbury. Her earliest memory of this Church was as a narrator in the nativity. Becky told me she remembers thinking to herself, ‘this is the Church I’m going to get married in’. I then found out she used to work the local pub on the doorstep to the Church and it’s there she met Andy!! Talk about the stars being aligned.

To top the wedding off, there was a special guest in Robert Pattinson (well a cardboard cut-out that Andy had arranged!). Becky is a huge Twilight fan – she’s been to Forks (well jealous!). Beats me in a game of Twilight top trumps.

Thanks so much, we LOVE them!  We were so excited when I saw your e-mail!  What a talent you have.  I got very emotional when I saw the one of my Dad and I where we are glancing at one another in the church – just one of the special moments you captured. Rebecca & Andrew

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